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Check & Assess

Find weakness in your systems before cyber criminals do.

Keynote Speaker

Looking for an engaging speaker to 'show & tell' leaving you guest a memoriabl experience?

Frame work

Let's develop your Risk Frame Work.  From documentation to education, we take the boring stuff - so you dont have to!

team building & education

Educate your team with trendy cyber education and empower them to protect your business. 

Check & Assess

Scan for Weaknesses

Do you know if your business has any weaknesses? 


We offer web scans, system scans, and network scans.  Find out about vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do!

Keynote Speaker

Educate & Entertain your guests

Lets your business be the subject of conversation for weeks to come.  Terrene Global offers practical and engaging content for your guests.  


Risk Assessment ISO 27001

Incidence Response

Do you know what you should do if cybercrime impacts your business today?  Do you need an ISO 27001 framework?  Terrene Global helps business with planning for an incidence, responding to an incidence, and creating a risk framework for compliance.

team building & education

Cyber EQ & IQ


Tech Team

Terrene Global creates fund & engaging content so that your staff can learn and apply methods to keep your business safe.  We also create team-building events which are centered around a selection of programs such as basic coding, game app design, video production, and robotics.